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迪斯尼工作室一直运用制作者充满想象 的速写和当代最新技术为角色注入生机, 使人物形象如魔法般诞生。从米老鼠到冰 雪奇缘,所有年龄层都可以享受的迪斯尼 展示会在首尔DDP举行。






Period  April 19 ~ August 18 

Place B2 Design Exhibition Hall, DDP


Ticket Price KRW 15,000 for adults (individuals),


KRW 13,000 for teenagers (individuals),

KRW 11,000 for groups of 20 or more teenagers, 

KRW 11,000 for children (individuals), 

KRW 9,000 for groups of 20 or more children Inquiries +82-2-325-1077

从米老鼠的诞生作《蒸汽船的威利》开始,到《白雪 公主》《、小飞象》 等初期作品和《冰雪奇缘》《、疯狂动 物城》《、莫阿娜(Moana)》等动画片,历时约95年的 迪斯尼动画历史将在DDP上演。将展出迪斯尼动画 原画、素描以及概念艺术等约500多件作品。许多 迪斯尼作品中的人物并不是一开始就能说话或会动 的。迪斯尼在动态和音响效果的协调下,在动画技术 上进行了创新,为角色注入了生命的气息。纯天然色 彩的《白雪公主和七个小矮人》的成功,延续了《匹诺 曹》《、幻想曲》《、小鹿斑比》和《小飞象》的制作使更 真实的作品的诞生成为可能。这些造型独特的艺术 家作品在制作技术的发展的同时,也成就了视觉世 界的辉煌业绩,特别是电脑技术的发展和音乐故事 的演绎,为迪斯尼电影开辟了新的可能。值得一提的 是,迪斯尼动画摆脱了以往的被动角色,最近又推出 了像莫阿娜这样主动、主体的角色,为所有想要新事 物的人的梦想和想象注入了生命。此次展览将成为 从儿童到成年人思考梦想和未来的创造性的契机。 
Disney’s 95-year-long history of animation will be on display at DDP,  which will include Mickey Mouse’s first film “Steamboat  Willie”,  “Snow  White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “Dumbo” and other earlier works,  as well as “Frozen”,  “Zootopia”,  and  “Moana”.  On exhibit will be about 500 Disney animated cartoons, sketches, and concept arts. Characters in many early Disney works were not able to speak or move. Disney brought characters into life by innovating animation technology with a combination of motion and sound effects.  The success of  “Snow  White and the Seven Dwarfs” in  Technicolor, led to “Pinocchio”,  “Fantasia”,  “Bambi” and “Dumbi”, making it possible for more realistic works to come. Disney achieved enormous success globally with the works of artists of unique styles combined with developments in production technology,  with developments in computer technology and musical storytelling in particular, opening new possibilities for Disney. It moved away from conventional  “passive” characters and started showing “active”,  independent characters like Moana. Disney brings life to dreams and imagination of those who aspire to something new.  The DDP exhibit will provide an opportunity for children and adults, to think about their dreams and future of creativity.

COURTESY OF GNC MEDIA, 首尔设计财团 Seoul Design Foundation (