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The skin is prone to becoming reddish and sensitive with the sun beating down. Now is the time to take note of skincare items that actresses use, as they apply on heavy makeup everyday and work under the heat of studio lightings.











1. DONGINBI 1899 Aqua Boosting Oil 50ml, KRW 90,000


2. DONGINBI 1899 Dam Rich Cream 60ml, KRW 85,000




With fine dust and pollen taking a major hit on the skin, it is an uphill battle with yet another enemy of the skin in the summer, UV rays and dehydration. Skincare items that truly address the skin’s basic needs, must be used. Sunscreen products must be used before going out and while being outside. AGE 20's with Lee Nayoung as its model, recommends a fresh water essence suncare line containing water mint that moisturizes deep inside your skin. After returning home, the skin needs to be replenished with moisture and nutrients lost during the day. DONGINBI with Han Ji-min as its model, recommends boosting oil for skin irritated by UV rays and functional whitening cream to strengthen the skin barrier. MakeON with Song Hye-kyo as its model, recommends “Skin Light Therapy II”, a beauty device which provides total skincare from moisture, toning up, to resilience, with 3-minute diagnosis and 3-minute care, which is easy to carry while traveling and for after your vacation. Care for scalp and hair that must endure harsh UV rays, is also essential. As the scalp becomes heated, excess oil is generated, resulting in the accumulation of waste materials, and ultimately in hair loss. Elastine is a well-received hair care brand, with Jun Ji-hyun as its model for 11 years from the early 2000s, who has recently reunited with Elastine. This summer, let's take note of Elastine products that are recommended for beautiful, silky hair.






Song Hye-kyo

MAKEON Skin Light Therapy II KRW 200,000

This smart device provides total skincare from moisture, toning up, to resilience, with 3-minute diagnosis and 3-minute care.







Lee Na-young

AGE 20’s Plant Water Essence Sun Cream 50ml, KRW 22,000

This sun cream with water mint instantly soothes skin irritated by UV rays.




Editor’s Pick

The products below provides first aid care for skin and hair irritated by the hot sun without you being aware.



1. KLORANE Dust Cleansing & Cooling Shampoo with Aquatic Mint 400ml, KRW 22,000



2. DERMA LIFT Freshderm Purifying Toner 295ml * 2, KRW 36,000

This toner cares for excessively secreted sebum and relieves pores and skin troubles.


3. IOPE Derma Repair Ice Cica Cream 50ml, KRW 32,000

This cica cream is frozen and used to soothe irritated skin.