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At the entryway of Hongdae Street, the place that is newly rising as the popular beauty site among the Insiders, we spotted a beauty space that grasps the eyes at once. The protagonist is ABOUT ME, the brand that adopted beauty technology to science applied in material. Just by looking around, one can feel that the place awakes his or her instinct for pursing better beauty presentation. If you are an early adopter thirsting for a new space, go now!




The beauty space where the philosophy and value of the brand remain intact never makes one feel bored. The beauty brand ABOUT ME which approached the beauty with science is one of that kind. It is no surprise because ABOUT ME is the cosmetic brand that uses dermatology science for “myself”, which evolved from the material science that has been the foundation of the medical bio business of SAMYANG GROUP over the last 100 years. The store of ABOUT ME at Hongdae is recently opened after going through a renewal, and it already has become a “hot place” that stops the trend setters. The moment you step into the store passing through the medial façade, the unique experience that only ABOUT ME can give begins. The shop is concepted with its main product “Collagen Mask”. The poppy orange color and decorations throughout the store, which remind science lab, catch the attention. The store is embellished with scientific atmosphere in order to deliver the message “people can see the effect of professional skin care management just by using the products made by ABOUT ME” in witty and unique way. The store of ABOUT ME provides scientific beauty solution at the Beauty Experience Zone such as DIY Mask Zone, Collagen Theme Zone and etc. Earn healthy and resilient beauty from Hongdae ABOUT ME where it stands out with attractive beauty science.



Address 3, Yanghwa-ro 18 gil, Mapogu,Seoul 1st Floor,

Subway Hongik University Station

Line 2, Exit. 8 (One-minute walk)

Inquiries +82-2-3144-6800










Another Level Skin Care







Everyone has different skin color, pore, wrinkle spots and appearance. If you want to get the skin solution just for “ME”, give attention to the special service offered by ABOUT ME Hongdae Branch. You can try making a facial mask that suits your skin condition at DIY Mask Zone. First, you should fill out the questionnaire and get your skin condition checked with a consultant of About Me. Then, get your ampoule solution made based on the result. When you insert the ampoule in the pouch that contains a mask sheet, the only one kind of mask pack that exists in the world is made.



The core of skin resilience! It’s collagen. One important thing you should look for is whether the collagen is properly absorbed into your skin or not. The collagen cosmetics of ABOUT ME includes active SY Mixture which is made through TDS (Transdermal Delivery System), the patented technique developed by Samyang Biopharmaceutical, and it carries the collagen to deep part of the skin. At Collagen Theme Zone in ABOUT ME store at Hongdae, you can literally meet the chunk of collagen mask that contains 81% of collagen extract. It is Real Skin Fit Mask. One sheet of mask pack is packed with rich amount of collagen and is applied with a technique that carries the component to deep inside the skin. The mask pack is devised to give the proper effect of collagen through just one sheet. At Collagen Them Zone, one can enjoy various events such as trying photo zone and product testing that are themed on the brand’s signature product Real Skin Fit Collagen Mask. 








TDS of Samyang Biopharmaceutical Corp. is the abbreviation of Transdermal Delivery System. This is the technique that effectively delivers active ingredients. The patented SY Mixture applied with TDS (Transdermal Delivery System) carries the active components successfully. When collagen is used alone, it only reaches up to stratum corneum to provide moisture in the layer. However, a research showed that the collagen applied with TDS technique goes down to deep in the skin and gives resilient effect.







1. Medianswer Real Skin Fit Collagen Mask 35g * 4ea KRW 38,000

This Collagen Mask of which the nutrition from 81% of collagen extract tightly adheres to skin and spreads out the component is moisty and delivers taut resilient energy.


2. Medianswer Collagen Lift Up Band 3.8g * 4ea KRW 35,000

As a Derma Lifting Band Mask which can be attached on your chin without the inconvenience of having to hung on the ears contains rich amount of collagen and makes your skin healthy. 


3. Skin Tone Up Massage Cream 3X 150ml KRW 25,000


4. Red Recipe Cleansing Milky Balm 90ml KRW 29,000